A Modernist Chair


I’ve been so busy it’s untrue, probably 500 hours+ spent on this trip and exhibition tour organisation. I’ve learned a lot, mainly not to lose £5,000, not to be in charge of a budget and not to imagine others to be as passionate about this subject as I am. When I talk about the forthcoming Chernobyl visit, people either say ‘WOW!’ or ‘What?! WHY??!’ You either get it or you don’t…

In other news, after 5 months of trying to source an East German/Russian-looking modernist 70’s armchair reminiscent of those abandoned in many Pripyat apartments, for under £100 (or not) I found it impossible… actually impossible so I got this.
The lovely Alan of Kiwi Trading had a 70’s vinyl covered armchair tucked up in his lockup, which is the best I have found so far but still not quite right, but at a bargain price of course, in fact the money that is rattling down the side might actually cover it’s cost. I’ll have to work on it in order for it to become part of my installation, but I am aware it could all go horribly wrong and I’ll still have to find another chair.

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