Claire A Baker
Claire A. Baker
Claire A Baker is a Textile & Surface Designer specialising in embroidery and also a Maker creating stationery items and accessories for fashion and the home. She produces pieces of a high quality that are contemporary, innovative, ambient and visually beautiful. Claire’s initial research and inspiration comes through in every piece, evoking a somewhat emotional response and the desire to touch.

Her signature style is expressed essentially through the sensitive use of soft, muted, tonal colours and a textural, creative interpretation of embroidery and embellishment techniques.

Inspiration includes:

  • An ongoing fascination with militaria;
    especially medals, insignia and emblems
  • Buildings (old ones; inside and out)
  • Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Hamilton & Raoul Hausmann
  • Comme de Garcons, Christian LaCroix, Lesage
  • Leo & Pipo
Download PDF 'Throwaway Society' Paper Goods Collection Catalogue HERE

Trade pricelist available on request HERE