Long time no see…

You’d think with being off ‘school’ for 6 weeks, I might have managed extra posts rather than less! However, this has been a busy summer… AND I had to fit a week on a hot beach in somewhere (of course I managed that part)


Corfu, August 2016


Corfu, August 2016









Other things total those that I crossed off my list and those that I didn’t quite (but will soon). i.e. The conclusion of MA work; writing an essay evaluating my practice and progress, which in short is a little like this…

‘Is this the culmination of something? …I truly believe it is only the start’

The MA allowed me to recognise that in a small way I have opportunities to raise awareness of relevant issues and to creatively resolve my own interpretations of them in order to deliver information in a variety of ways to a wide audience, hopefully encouraging commentary, questioning, debate and publicity through exhibition platforms.

The importance of others perception is paramount, I used to believe that I must make what I want, do what I love and hopefully someone somewhere will also ‘like’ it… however, my work has now become much more meaningful and it’s ultimate purpose is to communicate something, so it has become imperative that I analyse what others ‘conclude of’ my work.

I held a crit and invited my peers, amongst others, in order to ‘test’ my final work and although it was a nerve-wracking experience it was comprehensively valuable. It has changed my own perspective on my work; how it appears to others, what it means and most importantly what it is for. The most difficult and pertinent question I was asked was, ‘What is the message you want to get across?’ It took me a long time to answer this and I did not stop considering it for a number of days.


Installation 1: Video – Physicality of an Aspiration


Installation 2: Disintegration

Through making my practical work I have learned the importance of allowing a concept to directly influence my materials and techniques, this practice was intrinsic to the success and authenticity of my artworks and led to innovative responses to my research. Purely by the process of producing work I continued to initiate and follow up new ideas constantly. I found I refined and extended my skills in hand embroidery in conjunction with print and layering to imbibe the fine art outcomes with depth and meaning and, not least, empathy. The emotional connection I have with my work is ultimately communicated through the artworks.


negative space, subtraction, removal, revelation, dispersal, displacement, layering, wear, staining, (undesirable) growths, obscuring, abstracting, unraveling, destructing and replacing… discharge/negative screen printing, hand painting, hand stitch, unpicking of hand stitch, bleaching and staining


The MA Programme has guided me to be able to achieve much more than I ever imagined. I have applied to  continue to study on an MFA, now believing that doing so will help me to achieve my future goals that have developed over the last 2 years. My research, which has truly ignited my passion for this subject is incomplete, the depth of understanding and knowledge yet to be gained seems never-ending and has much more scope. Alongside ‘situating’ myself professionally it is imperative only, that I continue to nurture my passion for the Chernobyl subject.


And onto other things ticked off;

  • Together with the 26:86 Collective, I exhibited some of our research/development work inspired by the last Chernobyl trip, as an installation of 22 A2 prints, again as a preview/test to gauge public response (which was good), as well as doing another artists talk/public lecture which in my opinion was ‘a bit iffy’ but still, practise! It was held as part of the Liverpool Biennial Fringe Festival in July.
26:86 Collective (pop-up) Exhibition: Chernobyl -30 Years On Rose Howey Co-operative, Toxteth, Liverpool

26:86 Collective (pop-up) Exhibition July ’16 Rose Howey Co-operative, Toxteth, Liverpool

  • And then, preparation for my next talk (together with 3 of the other artists) continues this week. Soon to be held in Darlington!
  • Finally, also since July my work has been exhibited (including the video) at Contextile 2016 in Guimares, Portugal which is rather exciting! If anyone has a pic please send :) I have spotted it on one photograph –  I definitely should have sent something bigger!

2 Responses to “Long time no see…

  • Christine Ryan
    8 years ago

    Fantastic Claire! Your practice has moved forward so much in such a short space of time. You articulate so clearly the learning and the journey you’ve been on. I look forward to seeing it all resolved in the exhibition. …although I know there’s another journey around the corner and about to start! Well done. You’re an inspiration!

    • claireabaker
      8 years ago

      Thanks Christine! I’m not sure the work will actually BE in the exhibition though! There will be only one piece and if it doesn’t work out in situ (a possibilitiy!) I’ll be taking it straight home!

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