A Process of Technicalities, Eliminations and Refinements

After sampling both paper and fabric, layers, ‘negative’ techniques and the idea of ‘suggestion’ rather than purely figurative imagery, textural surfaces (after trying to fight against this) as well as colourways, I am investigating more with printing with plaster (if I’m doing texture I might as well go for it) using the piece of work below as a starting point alongside fresh photographic imagery of interior walls in Chernobyl…


C Baker History Full Piece

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself…

N.B. This piece has been accepted to be exhibited at the  Contextile Biennial 2016 in Guimarães, Portugal
Technical issues, successes and the way forward…

15T mesh
on coloured ‘waste’ paper background
‘part’ pattern very effective  with abstract ground on paper
residue from mixing plaster with procien dye – the dye seeps through in parts and the plaster ‘sits’ in other areas palette knifed on

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