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I decided that I would add a whole new page to this website, as the 26:86 Collective and our Chernobyl visit is attracting quite a lot of press at the moment, and call it ‘News’… it took me quite a few hours to design and load content to it. But, when I previewed the finished page, (one which could be just added to whenever I had any new publicity) I realised what a bad idea it was – variations of the same story with rather a lot of pictures of me. Not exciting and portraying me as narcissistic or something. So… instead I am collating all news stories to date and putting them in this one post (to which I can later add), then when/if there are any more I can still edit the post and add to it. Mmm, I guess it’s called organisation OR the same as having a folder on my desktop :/

web Pripyat Music School-2

Chair – Pripyat Music School 2016


Inside Chernobyl, 30 years after disaster struck





Kiev, Ukraine 2016


Travel Bursaries support ‘extraordinary and inspirational’ research





‘Thirty Years On – Chernobyl Exposed’ by North East Artists


CCAD Lecturer hopes Chernobyl visit will inspire artists –


North East Artists to Visit Chernobyl –


Teesside artists to explore Chernobyl 30 years on –



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