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I could spend 3 hours+ on catch up information but that’s what has delayed me writing any blog posts recently, so, I have decided to start from ‘now’:-

House of Blah Blah

House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough

Currently ‘my’ Collective, the 26:86 is exhibiting at House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough. We opened 2 weeks ago and there are only 2 visiting days left, already I am thinking about how I am going to develop my work for the next one and am very excited about a change of scale. There are some concerns; i.e. The reason for my water wallpaper piece/installation (still unsure what to call it) being a commercial wallpaper size, is it’s link to ‘domesticity’ – an integral part of my concept, so do I give that up for the aesthetics? I do think it is acceptable at this point. I have until next October to decide, which is when we show at our ‘Grand Finale’ exhibition (with some new work too) at Hartlepool Art Gallery.

Preview. 26:86 Collective – 30 Years On – Chernobyl Exposed

The Blah Blah exhibition has been yet another learning curve and one body of work certainly does not fit all (spaces) and ultimately cannot be perfect, and I guess I will always strive for better.

It was sometimes tough, in terms of curating in particular, but the individual artists who were involved in the build/installation were totally professional and I could not have done it all without them. Another positive that emerged was the consolidation of a core 26:86 team and although this feels like another step towards closing the circle of the life that is Chernobyl, for some of us it is a whole new beginning.

‘UTOPIA - Apartment Block No. 161’ by Lucy & Laura Baker

‘UTOPIA – Apartment Block No. 161’ by Lucy & Laura Baker

Ukrainian Smile by Alyson Agar

Ukrainian Smile by Alyson Agar

Stolen Goods by Nicola Golightly

Stolen Goods by Nicola Golightly

Don't Let History Repeat Itself by Claire A Baker

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself by Claire A Baker

Some of you may have met my guest, I have had (until yesterday) an International Intern which was rather exciting; Madge (not her real name) is from Bratislava, Slovakia (how exotic!) Her English is very good, nonetheless she wished to improve her English pronunciation (I’m not sure Teesside was the best place for that :) But I taught her many things, for example, that there is a wonderful thing called TK Maxx. She helped prepare and collate the catalogues, install our exhibition and did all the photography of the work and of opening night (she’s a photographer). As she works for Chernobylwel.come and is involved in some of the same projects as I am, it was really portentous that she was there for our first major exhibition. Because she also has personal experience of Chernobyl and Pripyat I was very tempted to put her on a white painted plinth in the middle of the gallery for (at least) the preview.

Chernobyl Walls with Madge and Me

Chernobyl Walls with Madge and Me

I must get another one for next time 😉

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